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Communication Materials Design, Development, and Support

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Project Profile

Project Country: Nigeria
Contracting Agency and Office: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Nigeria Country Office

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In 2014, Danya supported the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-Nigeria in providing health communication and public affairs support to effectively implement and promote stakeholder and partner engagement activities. This was accomplished by: helping CDC-Nigeria develop and execute a systematic, proactive public affairs approach to communication, both externally—with policymakers, partners, and the general public—and internally, to optimize CDC-Nigeria's performance and help the program meet its organizational goals; providing media relations material support services to ensure CDC-Nigeria is able to implement its global health activities effectively; and ensuring the dissemination of CDC-Nigeria, partnership, and technical materials by developing and implementing a distribution strategy targeting stakeholders.

Danya was responsible for providing design, editing, and graphics support to CDC-Nigeria by developing and producing information resources for a variety of health communications products. Part of our support included creating products for a Communications Toolkit, including: factsheets outlining CDC-Nigeria program activities; implementing partner/grantee briefing sheets;state-level briefing sheets; success stories; and media briefing materials.


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