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TB and HIV/AIDS Communications Campaign

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Project Country: Kenya
Contracting Agency and Office: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention–Kenya

Danya, with support from the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-Kenya's Global AIDS Partnership and the Kenya Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation to develop and implement a national tuberculosis (TB)/HIV communications campaign. The project's objective was to address the health emergency posed by TB and HIV/AIDS epidemics and to reduce mortality and morbidity in populations co-infected with or at risk of HIV/AIDS and TB co-infection. The project supports CDC-Kenya's efforts to develop and implement a communication campaign to educate both health care workers (HCW) and the general population on the relationship between HIV/AIDS and TB and especially to encourage HCWs to get tested. Many HCWs have not been tested because of stigma and discrimination associated with TB and HIV/AIDS. The countrywide campaign targeted persons in rural areas, with special emphasis on Nairobi and Nyanza provinces because of their high incidence of HIV infection.

Danya assembled a team of international and local organizations to design and implement a multidimensional communication strategy and training program to accomplish the greatest impact. Danya formed a partnership with Makutano Junction, a soap opera in Kenya, to deliver critical TB and HIV prevention and testing messaging. This campaign reached more than 7 million Kenyans across the country and was praised for both its high impact and innovative use of media and technology. Danya completed a thorough evaluation of the campaign, which documented the effectiveness of Danya's integration of new and traditional media, including: print, radio, television, interactive video-led HCW trainings, and SMS to improve the adoption of positive behaviors. For example, the number of people quoting Makutano Junction, the popular national television soap opera, as the source of TB and HIV awareness increased from 26 percent to 65 percent during the campaign. Additionally, 92 percent of the survey respondents who saw information about TB and HIV on this program indicated that their behavior changed because of watching this program.


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