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Injection Safety Communication Project

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Project Profile

Project Country: Kenya
Contracting Agency and Office: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention–Kenya

For the Kenya Injection Safety Communication Project, Danya worked in close partnership with the Kenyan Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation and the National AIDS/STD Control Programme to assess current knowledge, attitudes, practices, and behaviors among sample communities, healthcare workers, and policymakers regarding injection safety, and evaluated existing injection safety education programs and materials. Transitioning to implementation, Danya developed and pretested high-impact injection safety information, education, and communication materials targeting key vulnerable audiences on injection safety to reduce unnecessary injections, promote alternative routes of medication, and promote safe disposal of medical waste in communities. The project team worked with local partners to implement 172 feedback sessions that informed the final messaging. After fine-tuning, the result was a national campaign in seven languages and dissemination of a series of job aids and tools, including flip charts, factsheets, brochures, and posters, among others.

Project Portfolio

Injection Safety and Safe Disposal of Medical Waste

Section of cover from Injection Safety and Safe Disposal of Medical Waste report

Danya facilitated the development of this communication strategy, which was designed to reduce the administration of unsafe and unnecessary injections and unsafe management of medical waste, both of which pose serious health challenges in Kenya. The Government of Kenya and partners in the health sector recognize the importance of correcting these issues, decreasing unnecessary injections, and improving injection safety and safe disposal of medical waste by communicating behavior change interventions to community members and healthcare workers.

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Understanding Injection Safety and Safe Disposal of Medical Waste: A Flip Chart for Community Health Workers

Graphic panel from interior of Injection Safety flipchart

Danya also assisted in developing this flipchart as part of the Sindano Iwe Salama campaign, which was designed to change injection behaviors among Kenyans toward adopting healithier attitudes and behaviors in regard to injections and medical waste disposal. The purpose of this flipchart is to increase knowledge about risks associated with unsafe injections, educate community members in how to recognize safe injections, and increase the likelihood that they would refuse unsafe injections.

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