Danya Celebrates 20 Years of Shaping Healthy Futures

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Silver Spring, Maryland, and Atlanta, Georgia (March 7, 2016)—Danya International, Inc. (Danya), a communications, research, and technology company, will mark its 20th anniversary on May 17, 2016. In two decades, Danya has transformed from a nascent effort born in its founder’s basement into a dynamic company that provides innovative solutions for social impact in public health and education for its myriad clients.

After a successful career as a clinician, researcher, and executive, Dr. Jeff Hoffman decided to take an unexpected professional change as inspiration to focus on communicating his expertise in addiction treatment and research to the public in positive and impactful ways. He named his small startup “Danya” after his young children Daniella and Yaniv (and later Daphna), whom he could hear playing above his basement office where he began writing the government proposals that would become the backbone of his company.

Today, Danya International continues to focus on bringing positive changes to the lives of those we reach through our work. Through nearly 200 contracts and grants that have taken us to some of the farthest and most disadvantaged reaches of the world, our work has helped reduce addictions, prevent diseases, promote the health and education of young children and their families, reduce hunger and increase food security, and promote diversity and inclusion in everything we do.

Danya has served Federal Government, military, nonprofit, and private industry clients through our extensive expertise, a diverse range of tools and technologies, and the ability to identify emerging solutions and apply them to improve project outcomes. Some of our most notable contracts include providing monitoring support for the Office of Head Start; communications, training, and outreach for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; and training and technical assistance for Naval substance abuse counselors.

In looking forward, Dr. Hoffman notes that while Danya has made significant contributions to providing innovative solutions to some of the most pressing global public health issues, much remains left to do. Future plans include collaborating with our strategic partners and building Danya’s core capabilities—capacity building; communications; monitoring, evaluation, and research; and technology solutions—to allow us to address a wider range of social issues.

"Our talented team of professionals has done tremendous good work on so many issues in public health, early childhood education, and food security both in the United States and Africa," stated Dr. Hoffman, "and I feel honored to have been a part of this team and the social impacts we have accomplished during these past 20 years. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Government and our corporate and nonprofit partners to increase and expand these impacts."

About Danya International, Inc.

Danya International is dedicated to making an impact in health and education. Danya is a leader in providing technology-enabled solutions by using innovative communications, evaluation, and technology programs. Danya is based in Silver Spring, Maryland, with an office in Atlanta, Georgia. To learn more about the company, visit


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