Danya Hosts Clinical Preceptorship Training Symposium for CPP’s 40th Anniversary

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San Diego, California (March 21, 2016)—Danya International, Inc. (Danya), a communications, research, and technology company, is honored to host the 2016 Clinical Preceptorship Training Symposium for Clinical Preceptors and staff of the U.S. Navy Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Programs. This symposium, scheduled for March 20–22, 2016, in San Diego, California, occurs during the 40th year of the U.S. Navy’s Clinical Preceptorship Program (CPP).

Since 1976, CPP has provided clinical supervision, mentoring, and training to Navy substance abuse counselors located on naval facilities around the globe. After initial training in basic skills and competencies at the U.S. Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselor School, counselors are deployed to individual sites to provide services to Navy personnel while working toward entry-level and advanced certification in counseling. Expert-level clinical supervisors, known as Preceptors, help to build counselor skills through assessment, observation, and curriculum planning for each individual in supervision. Danya has supported CPP since 2003 by recruiting and deploying master- and doctoral-level clinical supervisors as Preceptors through an active network maintained with licensed clinicians, treatment providers, and professional organizations.

"Danya and our team of Preceptors are proud to continue to offer this important program, which enhances the quality of treatment services offered to men and women who serve our country," stated Sharon R. Foley, Senior Project Director of Danya’s CPP contract. "Since 1976, Preceptors have guided hundreds of active-duty counselors toward becoming credentialed substance abuse treatment providers, many of whom have gone on to work in treatment centers across the country after leaving military service."

The 2016 symposium, Linking Hearts and Minds for Quality Clinical Care, will offer opportunities for staff and Preceptors to work together to increase their knowledge and skills and enhance service delivery to sailors and Marines requiring treatment for substance use disorders. Our keynote speaker, Jim Hopper, Ph.D., will offer a full-day presentation on the Neurobiology of Trauma, Addiction, and Recovery: Mindfulness, Compassion, and Yoga. We also will recognize the U.S. Navy’s commitment to providing clinical supervision and training to their substance abuse counselors as we celebrate 40 years of continuous delivery of CPP.

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