Danya International Relocates Its Atlanta Office

Danya Atlanta's New Office

Atlanta, Georgia (March 2, 2016)—Danya International, Inc. (Danya), a communications, research, and technology company, has completed relocating our office in Atlanta, Georgia. The new location at Two Piedmont Center is within 5 miles of our previous office, which will limit the travel impact on both staff and clients.

Danya Atlanta's new offices at Piedmont Center also will provide improved amenities, including 24-hour security and onsite options for banking, restaurants, post offices, printing, office supplies, newsstands, and more. Additionally, our clients and staff will have access to an onsite conference center that includes a training center that can accommodate 24 people and a separate conference room that can seat 14. Both rooms include large LCD flat screen televisions, computer equipment, and wireless Internet and conferencing telephone capabilities. The conference center also comes equipped with a buffet-style kitchen and connections with a local caterer for those who wish to cater an all-day event.

"We have found a fantastic new space that will allow us to provide improved client service, excellent new amenities for staff, and ample space for future growth. We believe that our clients will see even more exceptional service from our staff thanks to the enhancements offered by our new location," said Jeff Hoffman, Danya's CEO.

Danya Atlanta's new address is:
3565 Piedmont Road, NE
Building 3, Suite 700
Atlanta, GA 30305

Danya Atlanta’s main telephone number and fax number remain the same.

About Danya International, Inc.

Danya International is dedicated to making an impact in health and education. Danya is a leader in providing technology-enabled solutions by using innovative communications, evaluation, and technology programs. Danya is based in Silver Spring, Maryland, with an office in Atlanta, Georgia. To learn more about the company, visit


CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS:  3565 Piedmont Road, NE // Building 3, Suite 700 // Atlanta, GA 30305 //  404 679 7900

NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION HEADQUARTERS:  8737 Colesville Road // Suite 1100 // Silver Spring, MD 20910 // 301 565 2142