Our Expertise

Innovative Solutions for Social Impact. To Danya, this is more than just a tagline. It is the philosophy that flows through the heart of our company and drives our every action. Our dedicated staff and consultants come to us from all walks of professional life and bring with them a breadth of diversity in experience, expertise, knowledge, and skills—but all sharing Danya's core drive of shaping healthy futures globally through our innovation and dedication.

At Danya, we employ a cadre of high-quality specialists, professionals, and consultants whose impressive range of talent, teamwork, and tenacity help us continue to strive toward achieving the Social Impact Goals that reside in the heart of everything we do.

Social Impact Goal 1: Improving child, family, and public health
Social Impact Goal 2: Improving public and behavioral health education and training
Social Impact Goal 3: Improving the quality of comprehensive early childhood education
Social Impact Goal 4: Reducing hunger and increasing food security
Social Impact Goal 5: Reducing the impact of HIV infections and other infectious diseases
Social Impact Goal 6: Reducing tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use and addictions


CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS:  3565 Piedmont Road, NE // Building 3, Suite 700 // Atlanta, GA 30305 //  404 679 7900

NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION HEADQUARTERS:  8737 Colesville Road // Suite 1100 // Silver Spring, MD 20910 // 301 565 2142