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At Danya, we are driven to find innovative approaches to motivate behavior change. Challenged to take actions that result in people living healthier lives, Danya champions communications campaigns that are inspired by science and powered by the latest technologies to maximize social impact. Danya's experienced communications team is at the forefront in crafting unprecedented strategies and tailored solutions that break through barriers such as infrastructure, geography, level of education, economic status, linguistic representation, and cultural differences to deliver messages influencing changes in behavior.

Health Communications

At Danya, we understand that changing one's behavior, even for health-related reasons, is not a simple process of learning what to do and doing it. Factors such as a belief that a real benefit can come from taking action, and that negative consequences will result if not taking action, are critical to the success of any message. We have an experienced health communication team that works with topical experts to develop effective campaigns that promote positive behavior change among a range of target groups on a variety of subjects. On numerous projects, Danya has provided an end-to-end solution for clients, including identifying key messages, developing a communications strategy, implementing the communications campaign, and evaluating the impact of the campaign to identify strengths and weaknesses to inform future work.

Digital Communications

Facilitating the flow of information through open and strategic channels of communication has been at the core of Danya's work since our founding. Our digital strategists are knowledgeable, not only about digital materials best practices, but also in integrating them into overall communication plans to enhance effectiveness. Using state-of-the-art interactive media and mobile applications, Danya provides universally accessible learning tools for a wide range of environments like conferences, trainings, mobile devices, and many more. We connect you with your target audience. Whether teachers to students, parents to children, presenters to audiences, trainers to trainees, we work with you to create the most dynamic, engaging, fun, and efficient product possible. We also offer consulting and delivery expertise in custom web and collaborative portal development. Danya employs agile methodologies to meet the client needs of each project, providing flexibility along with standard processes. Our services are designed to drive innovation while reducing costs. Our technology provides the ability to quickly build, deploy, manage, test, and use connected, security-enhanced solutions with web services. This includes multi-delivery options, integration of new and emerging technologies, and leveraging open standards. This enables more rapid systems integration in a more agile manner and on multiple devices. Our primary goal is to help position our clients for long-term success.

Marketing and Outreach

As a leader and innovator in communications, marketing, and media, we have extensive experience in marketing and outreach, public affairs, media monitoring, strategic communications, partnership development, and community engagement. We provide end-to-end services and solutions for our clients, including planning and executing communication campaigns; developing key messages and message maps; and designing, implementing, and evaluating communication and outreach strategies and campaigns. Our methodologies are based on the latest international best practices; the use of science-inspired, technology-influenced communications products; and are rigorously pretested to ensure messages effectively reach target audiences, communicate science-based messages, and change health behavior for our clients.

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Communication Materials Design, Development, and Support

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