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Monitoring, Compliance, and Evaluation

Danya's talented and experienced experts work closely with clients to provide data-driven approaches for strategy formulation, implementation, and evaluation. Using proven strategic planning and roadmapping processes, our monitoring compliance, and evaluation services are designed to sharpen the clarity of the client's vision and foster better informed decision-making. By developing metrics to measure evidence of performance against established goals throughout the process, the resulting strategies also provide direction to project teams that enable them to ensure high performance in the delivery of programs and services, quickly see changes in strategic events or direction, and reveal long-term strategic weaknesses before they become critical.

Compliance Monitoring

Danya has fully established structures and processes to regional and national monitoring and oversight that provide objectivity and accountability. We have conducted reviews of grantees against thousands of federal regulations and guidelines. Danya assists federal agencies with implementing programs that provide continual improvements in quality, consistency, and accountability of the monitoring system.

Monitoring and Evaluation

A scientific perspective serves as the foundation from which emerges every Danya initiative undertaken on behalf of our government, international, and commercial clients. Danya's scientific expertise has led the way in the development and testing of best-of-class monitoring and evaluation systems designed to increase programmatic impact. This extensive experience assessing progress, outcomes, impact, and effectiveness of program services includes developing reliable evaluation instruments, robust technologies, and benchmarking tools; conducting onsite reviews and tracking monitoring activities; and collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data. Danya designs and implements evaluative research approaches and uses various proven strategies to facilitate a comprehensive assessment of program performance. The data collected from these in-depth monitoring and evaluation efforts is analyzed to form the basis of a recommended course of action for improving program performance. These research findings, lessons learned, and best practices are codified to serve as model processes and relevant products and services for the benefit of other clients’ programs.

Data Collection and Analysis

Danya has managed numerous projects that involve comprehensive assessment and analyses of research, policies and programs, and Federal regulations, from which we have generated targeted recommendations, white papers, and best practice guidelines. Danya's researchers use their skills to analyze data, apply statistical calculations, develop written analyses, prepare graphs and tables, prepare presentations, and submit findings. Danya is experienced in collecting substantial project data to provide a variety of reports and recommendations that help inform decision makers and policymakers, at the regional and national levels.

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