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Training and Technical Assistance

Providing top-rated training and technical assistance for the individuals and government institutions that we work with is one of the core objectives of all of Danya's project interventions. Training and technical assistance are the keys to sustaining projects we implement and represent the lasting legacy of an intervention long after a project is completed.

Knowledge Management

Danya's innovative use of technology to develop, analyze, and package information, combined with targeted information dissemination, helps provide accurate information quickly and reliably for our clients. Danya creates solutions that provide a single, integrated, personalized point of access to information, applications, productivity tools, and expert content. Solutions help our clients rapidly find and share information among multiple integrated applications so they can work more effectively and make better decisions. Danya provides clients with global reach and comprehensive service delivery management by implementing solutions using the latest, and most appropriate, technologies for knowledge management and information-sharing applications.


Danya is a one-stop resource for interactive eLearning services. We apply research-based, client-centered approaches to create, design, develop, manage, distribute, and evaluate eLearning programs for computers and mobile devices. We use both open-source and proprietary eLearning management systems and cloud or network-based hosting solutions to meet the varied needs of our clients and their requirements. Danya produces engaging online courses, tutorials, and webcasts that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. We also develop online event registration, interactive and automated screening instruments, streaming audio and video, and graphic arts and animation and provide technical assistance for all aspects of course design and implementation.

Training and Technical Assistance

Danya excels in the areas of training and technical assistance (T/TA). A sought-after partner for implementing highly effective T/TA programs, Danya specializes in providing a wide spectrum of delivery methods to respond to diverse client needs, including face-to-face and web-based initiatives. Danya's Internet-based training ranges from single online courses to webcasts, eBriefings, distance learning, and collaborative portals/workspaces. To complement the training programs, Danya develops printed training manuals and curriculum guides and builds multimedia tools such as video courses and web-based curricula and tutorials. In addition, Danya's T/TA expertise is frequently used for meeting planning and conference management. Danya provides meeting management, logistical support, and event evaluations for national conferences, regional meetings, and local technical assistance workshops.

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