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Clinical Preceptorship Program

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Project Profile

Project Country: United States (with global reach)
Contracting Agency and Office: U.S. Department of Defense, Fleet and Industrial Supply Center

Danya provides the Clinical Preceptorship Program (CPP), an on-the-job mentoring and in-depth supervision program, to Navy alcohol and drug counselors working in more than 50 substance abuse rehabilitation programs worldwide. CPP’s overall mission is to support Navy counselors in the delivery of the highest quality of substance abuse treatment. CPP provides support to approximately 250 substance abuse counselors at 55 naval facilities worldwide. After initial training in basic skills and competencies at the U.S. Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselor School, counselors are deployed to individual sites to provide services to Navy personnel while working toward entry-level and advanced certification in counseling. Expert-level clinical supervisors, known as Preceptors, help to build counselor skills through assessment, observation, and curriculum planning for each individual in supervision. Since 2003, Danya has supported CPP by recruiting and deploying master- and doctoral-level clinical supervisors as Preceptors through an active network maintained with licensed clinicians, treatment providers, and professional organizations.

Project Portfolio—Clinical Preceptorship Symposiums

Segment of poster Danya designed for the 2014 Clinical Preceptorship Symposium

Under direction of the Navy, CPP offers annual training symposiums featuring internationally known trainers on areas of clinical importance to the Navy treatment programs. Danya provides hands-on opportunities for counselors to increase their knowledge and skills through monthly onsite training. Curriculum materials are dispersed to Preceptors and treatment sites that assist counselors in meeting continuing education requirements for certification and licensure. Training materials include the Counselor Workbook, written by the Danya CPP team, which offers content material, lesson plans, and learning activities to assist substance abuse counselors in developing competency in the Addiction Counseling Domains established by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.


CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS:  3565 Piedmont Road, NE // Building 3, Suite 700 // Atlanta, GA 30305 //  404 679 7900

NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION HEADQUARTERS:  8737 Colesville Road // Suite 1100 // Silver Spring, MD 20910 // 301 565 2142