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Project Country: United States
Contracting Agency and Office: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Center for Global Health, Division of Global HIV/AIDS

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Since 2012, Danya has supported the Division of Global HIV/AIDS (DGHA) in developing and strengthening the global capacity to provide project-based and enterprise-wide communications support to Web sites, development of communication products, and project coordination and management. We accomplish this by providing Web maintenance and development services for DGHA's public Internet site and the password-protected extranet; and providing a variety of health communications services, such as preparing clinical updates, literature reviews, brochures, one-page factsheets, as well as assisting with World AIDS Day media activities. Major relevant components/activities include public relations, collaborative technology development, informational materials design, Web maintenance support to maintain and improve public and extranet Web sites, and development of information sharing and knowledge transfer portals.


CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS:  3565 Piedmont Road, NE // Building 3, Suite 700 // Atlanta, GA 30305 //  404 679 7900

NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION HEADQUARTERS:  8737 Colesville Road // Suite 1100 // Silver Spring, MD 20910 // 301 565 2142