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High Impact Prevention

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Project Profile

Project Country: United States
Contracting Agency and Office: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention, Capacity Building Branch

Since 2011, Danya has supported CDC's HIV prevention training and technical assistance efforts, both in-person and online, through the High Impact Prevention (HIP) project. As part of our responsibilities, Danya identifies the training needs of health departments and community-based organizations across the country and coordinates approximately 170 trainings annually on evidence-based biomedical, clinical, and behavioral interventions that support the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention's approach to HIP. Danya launched the HIP eLearning Center on the HIP project Web site, www.effectiveinterventions.org, in August 2012 with the 8-hour VOICES/VOCES online course. Since then, Danya has added 14 additional courses on topics ranging from the prevention benefits of antiretroviral therapy to patient linkage to HIV care to rapid HIV testing to a community-level intervention for Black gay men.

Project Portfolio

Effective Interventions Web Site

Screen capture of HIP Web site

Danya manages and provides tools and eLearning resources for the Effective Interventions Web site as well as develops eLearning courses for the HIP eLearning Center. Recently, we developed and launched a 2-hour eLearning course, An Introduction to Couples HIV Testing and Counseling in the United States. Danya was responsible for all aspects of the course development, including course design, script development, production of 13 videos, and deployment. This eLearning course is a prerequisite to the 2-day Couples HIV Testing and Counseling (CHTC) in-person training, but also is useful for those individuals who wish to learn more about the CHTC model. CHTC is an approach to HIV testing whereby two or more people learn their HIV status together. Additionally, Danya developed and launched Personalized Cognitive Counseling: An Overview for Managers. We developed this 90-minute online course for program managers and administrators to make informed decisions about whether to implement the Personalized Cognitive Counseling (PCC) intervention and to learn more about PCC. PCC is an individual-level, single session counseling intervention designed to reduce unprotected anal intercourse among men who have sex with men who are repeat testers for HIV.

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Data to Care Web Site

Logo for the Data to Care public health strategy

Data to Care is CDC's new public health strategy that aims to use HIV surveillance data to identify HIV-diagnosed individuals not in care, link them to care, and support the HIV Care Continuum. Danya collaborated with CDC to launch the Data to Care toolkit on www.effectiveinterventions.org on April 30, 2014, in conjunction with CDC’s Dear Colleague Letter to Health Departments announcing the availability of the toolkit. The objective of the toolkit is to share information and resources to assist health departments and their partners in developing and implementing a Data to Care program.

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Every Dose Every Day eLearning Training Toolkit

Logo for the Every Dose Every Day Training Toolkit

Danya launched the new Medication Adherence Web pages and four corresponding eLearning courses on HIP's eLearning Center as part of the Every Dose Every Day Toolkit on October 23, 2014. Every Dose Every Day is designed to help providers support medication adherence among people living with HIV to improve the health outcomes and increase the prevention benefits of treatment.

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